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Back again for 2011! Limited period of time!

As I'm quite busy, I wont be updating items through this blog anymore. I will only update my items through this forum http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1689093 .Please check frequently for updates on the site mentioned.

For vintage items, http://forum.lowyat.net/index.php?showtopic=1293470&hl

See something you like?

If you're a member of the lowyat forum, you can msg me directly through LYN. If you're not a member, DONT FRET. Just email me at shopaholic_city@hotmail.com

Thank you!



*** Leaving back to Melbourne, so i'm stopping business for awhile =)

Thanks for all the support so far =)


♥ About Us ♥

Shopaholic Boutique aims
to provide a cheaper
alternative to looking
good. Why pay more when
you can still keep up with
the latest fashion without
burning a hole in your pocket?

Please be aware that any
transactions made is at your own

Color may differ a lil'
from pictures, do note

Any enquiries, please
feel free to email us at


♥ Order ♥

- Kindly, email us at shopaholic_city@hotmail.com
and list out the items you
are interested in

- Pre-order items would take time
to arrive, hence if you cant wait
please DON'T order!

♥ Payment ♥

Money transfer to Maybank/Commonwealth acc.
Email us for acc no.
Shipping only within Malaysia & Australia.

♥ Delivery ♥

* Banking in money is NECCESSARY
to avoid backouts

Pls note that buyers bare delivery cost.

♥ Enquiries ♥

Strictly NO ADS here!!!

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♥ Tracking ♥

- Cath classic 63 [ARRIVED]

- Shueu Li pink juicy couture [Refunded]

- Lee Jia Har's Baby Phat [Arrived]

- xxx306 X.O.X.O wallet[Arrived]

- EK 2 (cds + DVDs) [Arrived]

- Jing Ying Paul Frank [Arrived]

-Shee May Paul Frank [Arrived]

- jennymsc's XOXO wallet[Arrived]

- H.bin's 1 cd [Arrived]

- Wai Sion 1 cd [Arrived]

- Izz 1 DVD [Arrived]

- Y.Rui 1 DVD [Arrived]

- Afzarina Coach [Arrived]

- Adele's CD + score bk [Arrived]

- EK's 2 (cd/dvd) Arrived]

- Suh Yin's Guess wallet [Arrived]

- Huuisi's coach bag[Arrived]

- Sara Yeoh's Ralph Lauren wallet[Arrived]

- Chor Yin's Coach bag [Arrived]

- Dana's Coach wallet[Arrived]

- Syira's t-shirt [Arrived]

- Justin's Yo Kiks tee [Sold]

- Marimo's cap [Arrived]

- Hailey's Coach bag [Arrived]

- 10 sets of Jay's album [Arrived]

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